We are excited to share the news that after 24 years as a CPR instructor, Ginny Pacer, owner of Annie On The Go, has decided to retire and has sold her business to Creative Inservices!!

My instructors and I welcome all of her clients and look forward to continue providing the same quality of services that that both Creative Inservices and Annie On The Go have been doing for years!!

Thank you Ginny for entrusting us with your clients!  They are in very good hands!!    HAPPY RETIREMENT!


  • Small class sizes at our facility
  • We can travel to your facility
  • Corporate Training
  • Remind you when you need to renew
CPR courses - Creative Inservices

Creative Inservices is the oldest and largest American Heart Association training center in Western New York.  We have been providing CPR training according to the AHA guidelines for the past 20 years.  Our instructors are primarily nurses and EMTs, offering a wide range of health related experiences.

CRP Courses - Creative Inservices

American Heart Association Certified trainer

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" Small class number and classroom setting is excellent for personalized learning experience.  I come here every 2 years-good experience every time." 12/16/2014
" Class was very organized and informative.  I learned all of the necessary steps for CPR and was taught in a very clear and organized way.  " 1/6/15
"Compared to other CPR classes, I love this class!  It is wonderful to apply what you're learning as you go instead of just listening and applying at the end." 12/13/2014
Great class,super instructor, very informative. The small class size allowed for one on one attention. 7/24/14
Great class! The instructor made it interactive and fun. I feel very confident in my skills. 7/24/14